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Who is ‘Devin Smith Art’? 

I studied Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, achieving an MA in Fine Art. I have developed my practice over the last 20 years and worked as a professional, independent artist since 2013.

What scenes can you paint at a wedding?​

Any scene you desire! The ceremony, the interlude between ceremony and dining, the wedding breakfast or the reception. Each holds its own treasure trove of special memories!​

What should I expect with a Live Wedding Painting?​

I will arrive at the scene from the beginning of the day, or as soon as the venue permits. This allows me to paint the background in preparation for the day. Throughout your day, I will photograph you in your chosen scene and use this as reference for your painting. Additional guests can be painted in a choice of two styles. If detailed portraits are required, additional photographs will be taken. If less detail is required for your guests, they will be painted figuratively live during the event.  ​

When will the painting be complete?

The painting completion time depends on the content and additional details required. But have no fear! If your guests didn’t have the chance to be included on the day, I will use photographs as a reference to add them to the piece during my studio time.  

When can I expect to collect my painting?​

After a minimum of ten hours studio time after the event I will contact you to discuss delivery options.  


How much does a live wedding painting cost?

Pricing for 2024:

- 20 x 24 inch Canvas: £1500 (scene and couple)

- 24 x 30 inch Canvas: £1600 (scene and couple)

- 24 x 36 inch Canvas: £1800 (scene and couple)

                                                  (These sizes are guidelines, any specific size can be accommodated)

                Anyone added realistically are £50 per person on top of the above price. Figurative people are added free!

Travel and accommodation expenses may be charged depending on the distance to location. Please contact me for a bespoke quote. 

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