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This page takes you through personal projects whereby art is used as a collaborative method to give people a voice. Individuals who are emotionally, socially or economically disempowered are able to speak out about their experiences and exhibit if they desire. Together we've built paintings, installations and conversation around how to use art as a platform for self-expression and emotional well-being. During University at NUA I dedicated my time focusing on the people around me who were struggling, weaving together the craft taught by my Dad and the concept from my Mum. I continued this practice throughout the MA and worked closely with an individual for a whole year with motivational approaches supporting self-belief and deflection. All the stories which feature on the website has been thoughtfully and respectfully shared will the full consent and cooperation of those involed.

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oil painting portraying charles bonnet syndrome

Charles Bonnet Syndrome - Nora

Nora who is sitting at the end of her bed, looks down at the chair she has placed underneath the handle of her cupboard door. She has taken back control from her condition by trapping the figures that once walked out of the cupboards and stood at the end of her bed. Without the CBS diagnosis Nora could have been at risk of being sectioned.

The First Door - A small Story 


Broadland Housing wanted someone to give an insight into the schemes they have built for individuals in social housing. I decided to knock on a few doors. Thomas answered the first door and I told him what I was doing for BH and that if he was interested he could call me from my business card. He said, "how many of thes cards have you got then?", I said, "Not very many". Then he told me not to waste any cards on him. He asked me what I wanted to know about the scheme. I asked "how has it helped you? Why did you move here?" That's when I realised because of surgery him and his wife needed to move into a bungalow. They moved from Heartsease (where I grew up) to a BH Bungalow. I asked if he knew members of my family - which he did. It turned out that he knew my dad very well and invited me inside for a cup of tea and shared some eventful stories. That's when I learnt about his wife and the rest of their time together in thier home. Tom wanted the painting to focus solely on his wife. The painting of Tom holding a picture of his wife shows the love they shared in the home they both lived in.

Social Housing 1962 - Broadland Housing

This is the second door I knocked on whilst I was looking for someone to share with me their experience in a home provided by Broadland Housing.

Realistic oil painting drawing on social realism
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