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I worked closely with Ziggy during a street exhibition that was organised during my undergraduate years. We chose to create this street exhibition as it seemed Ziggy and a few other Big Issue vendors would the assistance to help with interaction and sales.

City Conscience

The exhibition consisted of painted portraits on light weight cardboard in collaboration with Kaitlin Read's exploration of urban textures. Dotted around the city of Norwich, we used the paintings to illuminate those who are unseen by some and break down barriers. It sparked conversations and aimed to redefine the value society places on those experiencing homelessness.

happy ziggy.jpg

Working at Heartsease Primary School

It was artist week at Heartsease Primary School, I was asked to come in and run a workshop that aimed to open up discussion on art and homelessness. We used a range of printed out photographs to draw paint from. Whilst they did this I spoke about Ziggy including his love for his dog Bonne, humanising the issues of homelessness and making it relatable for the children.  

Once the paintings were completed I took copies to the individuals depicted. Ziggy and Jim wrote messages of praise on the copies to have returned back to the classroom, building a bridge of understanding and positive connection.


What happened to Ziggy and the painting?

Ziggy made a decision to sell his painting to support Bonnies veterinary care and allocate half the funds to to the H.E.A.L charity. This showcases the generosity that exist within every individual, regardless of their circumstances. Ziggy's painting is stored in a furniture store and he still brings out the painting where he continues to sell The Big Issue.

ziggy painting sale.jpg
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